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Southern Medical Journal Vol. 111 • No. 8 • August 2018

Women's & Children's Health

THAM Administration to Pediatric Trauma Patients in a Combat Zone
Jason F. Naylor, DSc, PA-C, Michael D. April, MD, PhD, Guyon J. Hill, MD, Kelley M. Kempski, Allyson A. Arana, PhD, and Steven G. Schauer, DO, MS

Placental Chorioangioma with Nonimmune Hydrops Fetalis
Andrea D. Merry-Sperry, DO, David G. Chaffin, MD, Krista L. Denning, MD, Bassam Shamma, MD, Cynthia Massey, MD, and Joseph Werthammer, MD

Mental Health

Playing Music for Hospitalized Patients Enhances Mood and Reduces Perceptions of Pain
Feifei Xue, MD, Regina Landis, BA, and Scott M. Wright, MD

Bioethics & Medical Education

Are All Teaching Activities Valued the Same? Their Relative Worth Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Gustavo R. Heudebert, MD, and Carlos A. Estrada, MD, MS

Commentary on “Are All Teaching Activities Valued the Same? Their Relative Worth Is in the Eye of the Beholder”
Deborah A. Humphrey, DO

Moving Career Development Upstream: Evaluation of a Course for Internal Medicine Trainees Contemplating Career Pathways in Academic Medicine
Ryan R. Kraemer, MD, Jessica F. Wakelee, MPH, Lisle Hites, MS, PhD, Stuart J. Frank, MD, Kenneth Saag, MD, MSc, David A. Rogers, MD, MHPE, Anoma Nellore, MD, Nathan Erdmann, MD, PhD, Ashley C. Nichols, MD, and Jessica S. Merlin, MD

Effect of the Adoption of a Comprehensive Electronic Health Record on Graduate Medical Education: Perceptions of Faculty and Trainees
Jullia A. Rosdahl, MD, PhD, Mariah Rudd, BS, Robert Benjamin, MD, John S. Wiener, MD, Richard Sloane, MPH, Audrey Brown, PSM, W. Robert Lee, MD, MS, David Turner, MD, Rosie Qin, MD, and Amber Reck Atwater, MD

Surgery & Surgical Specialties

Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration Use for Subclassification and Genotyping of Lung Non-Small-Cell Carcinoma
Samih Raad, MD, Nasser Hanna, MD, Shadia Jalal, MD, Edmond Bendaly, MD, Chen Zhang, MD, Shashank Nuguru, MD, Houssam Oueini, MD, and Khalil Diab, MD

Emergency Medicine & Disaster Preparedness

Bathing Habits in Emergency Department Patients with Cellulitis or Abscess Versus Controls
Daniel Barkhuff, MD, Carlos H. Nitta, Robert Cobb, NP-C, Amy A. Ernst, MD, and Steven J. Weiss, MD

Characteristics of Dog Bites in Arkansas
Aaron M. Smith, MD, Jacob Carlson, MD, Ashley B. Bartels, MD, Cody B. McLeod, MD, and Michael S. Golinko, MD

Medicine & Medical Specialties

ICD Discussions: Closing the Gap between What We Say and What They Understand
Miriam Zylberglait Lisigurski, MD, Marlena Fernandez, MD, Binna Chokshi, MD, Nader Lamaa, MD, and Hamid Feiz, MD

Association Between the Frank Sign and Cardiovascular Events
Saleh Nazzal, MD, and Arnon Blum, MD

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