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Southern Medical Journal Vol. 112 • No. 01 • January 2019

Women's & Children's Health 

A Brochure to Improve Understanding of Incomplete Mammogram Results Among Black Women at a Public Hospital in Miami, Florida
Erin N. Marcus, MD, MPH, Lee M. Sanders, MD, MPH, Beth A. Jones, PhD, MPH, and Tulay Koru-Sengul, PhD, MHS

Prenatal Contraceptive Counseling by Video 
S. Allison Staley, MD, MPH, Samantha S. Charm, MPH, Laurel B. Slough, DO, MSPH, Matthew L. Zerden, MD, MPH, and Jessica E. Morse, MD, MPH

Commentary on “Prenatal Contraceptive Counseling by Video” 
Maryam Sattari, MD, MS

Children’s Age, Family Conflict, and Children’ s HbA1c: Are Girls and Boys Different? 
Miryoung Lee, PhD, MPH, Paul R. Breyer, MD, and John M. Pascoe, MD, MPH

Bioethics and Medical Education 

Impact of Inpatient Consults by a Family Medicine Teaching Service 
Maribeth P. Williams, MD, MS, Charlie Michaudet, MD, Yang Yang, PhD, Kimberly Lynch, BS, and Peter J. Carek, MD, MS

Frequency, Timing, and Types of Medication Ordering Errors Made by Residents in the Electronic Medical Records Era 
Ari Garber, MD, EdD, Amy S. Nowacki, PhD, Alexander Chaitoff, MPH, Andrei Brateanu, MD, Colleen Y. Colbert, PhD, Seth R. Bauer, PharmD, Zubin Arora, MD, Ali Mehdi, MD, Simon Lam, PharmD, Abby Spencer, MD, and Michael B. Rothberg, MD, MPH

Uterine Surrogacy is Morally Equivalent to Selling a Kidney
Conor McCartney, MD

Editor’s Response
G. Richard Holt, MD, MSE, MPH, MABE, DBioethics

Quality Care & Patient Safety

Patients’ Perceptions of the Role of Physicians in Questioning and Educating in Firearms Safety: Post-FOPA Repeal Era 
Laurie A. Boge, DO, Carlos Dos Santos, BA, Justin D. Burkholder, DO, Bradley R. Koschel, DO, Luigi X. Cubeddu, MD, PhD, and David A. Farcy, MD

Medicine and Medical Specialties 

Radiologic versus Endoscopic Placement of Gastrostomy Tube: Comparison of Indications and Outcomes at a Tertiary Referral Center 
Steven Clayton, MD, Christopher DeClue, MD, Trevor Lewis, MD, Andrea Rodriguez, MD, Kimberly Kolkhorst, DO, Rashid Syed, MD, Ambuj Kumar, MD, MPH, Clifford Davis, MD, and Patrick Brady, MD 

Public Health & Environmental Medicine

Evaluation of Patients for Zika Virus Infection in a Travel Clinic in the Southeast United States, 2016 Javier Valle, MD, MPH, Stephanie M. Eick, MPH, Jessica K. Fairley, MD, MPH, Jesse J. Waggoner, MD, Richard A. Goodman, MD, MPH, Eli Rosenberg, PhD, and Henry M. Wu, MD

Commentary on “Evaluation of Patients for Zika Virus Infection in a Travel Clinic in the Southeast United States, 2016” 
Pablo Guisado-Vasco, MD, PhD

Ebola 101
Faysal Alhasan, MD, Sonali Salunkhe, MD, and Steven Lippmann, MD

Emergency Medicine & Disaster Preparedness

CME Article: Clinical Utility of Routine Chest X-Rays During the Initial Stabilization of Trauma Patients
David Ong, MD, Michael Cheung, MD, Peter Cuenca, MD, and Steven Schauer, DO

Healthcare Professionals and In-Flight Medical Emergencies: Resources, Responsibilities, Goals, and Legalities as a Good Samaritan
Pascal Joseph de Caprariis, MD, Angela de Caprariis-Salerno, RPh, MS, and Claudia Lyon, DO

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