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July 6, 2020

SMJ : July 2020 Vol. 113, No. 07

The Southern Medical Journal(SMJ) is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Southern Medical Association. It has a multidisciplinary and inter-professional focus that covers a broad range of topics relevant to physicians and other healthcare specialists, including medicine; surgery; women’s and children’s health; mental health; emergency and disaster medicine; public health and environmental medicine; bioethics and medical education; and quality health care, patient safety, and best practices.

Reflections on the Hippocratic Oath and Declaration of Geneva in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Satyaseelan Packianathan, MD, Srinivasan Vijayakumar, MD, Paul Russell Roberts, MD, Maurice King, MD

Impact of Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders on Nursing Clinical Decision Making

Rebecca Engels, MD, MPH, Casey Graziani, MD, Ixavier Higgins, BS, Jessica Thompson, NP, Roberta Kaplow, PhD, APRN-CCNS, Theresa E. Vettese, MD, Annie Massart, MD

The Minority Doctors We Create

Kendall M. Campbell, MD, Michaela M. Braxton, BSW

Who’s Flying the Plane?

Paul L. Friedlander, MD, David J. Doukas, MD, Marc J. Kahn, MD, MBA

Salary Disparities in Academic Urogynecology: Despite Increased Transparency, Men Still Earn More Than Women

William D. Winkelman, MD, Andrea Jaresova, MD, Michele R. Hacker, ScD, Monica L. Richardson, MD, MPH

Increased Prevalence in Alzheimer Disease in the Northeast Tennessee Region of the United States

Sylvester O. Orimaye, PhD, MPH, Jodi L. Southerland, DrPh, Adekunle O. Oke, MD, MPH, Aderonke Ajibade, MD, MPH

Primary Care Perceptions and Practices on Discussion and Advice Regarding Sexual Practices

George G.A. Pujalte, MD, Isaac I. Effiong, MD, MPH, Livia Yumi Maruoka Nishi, MD, Adrianna D.M. Clapp, MD, Thomas A. Waller, MD

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