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Southern Medical Journal Vol. 111 • No. 11 • November 2018

Public Health & Environmental Medicine  

Potential Provider Oversupply and Underserved Areas: The Future of Alabama Medicine
Kelly R. Warren, MSW, MPH, Bernard H. Eichold, II, MD, DrPH, and Elizabeth Morrissette, AB

Blood Pressure, HIV, and Cocaine Use Among Ethnically and Racially Diverse Individuals 
Manasi Soni, MPH, Violeta J. Rodriguez, MSEd, Suat Babayigit, MSEd, Deborah L. Jones, PhD, MEd, and Mahendra Kumar, PhD

Medicine & Medical Specialties 

Late-Stage Melanoma: Be Sure to Screen Uninsured, Unmarried Men 
Virginia L. Valentin, DrPH, PA-C, Wayne Sanderson, PhD, MS, Susan Westneat, MA, and Eric Durbin, DrPH, MS

Prevalence and Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on the Frozen Shoulder 
Per H. Gundtoft, MD, PhD, Anne K. Kristensen, DC, Mikkel Attrup, MD, Jette W. Vobbe, MD, Torben Luxhøi, MD, Flemming G. Rix, MD, Per Hölmich, MD, DMSc, and Lilli Sørensen, MD

Role of Rifaximin in Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis Prevention 
Ashley Oliver, PharmD, Mark Wong, PharmD, and Chelsea Sanchez, PharmD

Surgery & Surgical Specialties

Protocol to Improve Genotyping of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosed Using EBUS-TBNA 
Christina R. Bellinger, MD, Deepankar Sharma, MD, Travis Dotson, MD, Jimmy Ruiz, MD, Graham Parks, MD, and Edward F. Haponik, MD

Quality Care & Patient Safety  

Outcomes and Predictors of Readmissions with GI Bleeding in Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Devices 
Rushikesh Shah, MD, and Emad Qayed, MD, MPH

Integration of Personalized Health Planning and Shared Medical Appointments for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 
Connor Drake, MPA, Caroline Meade, BS, Sharon K. Hull, MD, MPH, Ashley Price, PhD, MPH, and Ralph Snyderman, MD

Bioethics & Medical Education

Differences in Medical Students’ Academic Performance between a Pass/Fail and Tiered Grading System
Brittany Ange, MS, Elena A. Wood, MD, PhD, Andria Thomas, PhD, and Paul M. Wallach, MD

On “Women’s Health Curriculum for Medical Students”
Apoorva Kumar and Jai Mathur

Author’s Response
Maryam Sattari, MD, MS

Obesity and Weight-Biased Shaming in South Carolina: A Medical Student’s Perspective
Jessica Patrizi, BS, and Taral R. Sharma, MD

Women's & Children's Health

OPEN ACCESS: Vaginal Anatomy on MRI: New Information Obtained Using Distention 
Alan H. Appelbaum, MB BCh BAO, Jeffrey K. Zuber, MA, Roberto Levi-D’Ancona, MD, and Harris L. Cohen, MD

Effects of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Infancy on Asthma and Respiratory Allergy in 6-Year-Old Children 
Panagiota Kitsantas, PhD, and Lavanya Nirmalraj, MBBS, MS

Mental Health

Resource Utilization with the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in a Dedicated Emergency Psychiatric Service 
Christina Terrell, MD, Kanwar Brar, MD, Sharon Nuss, MS, and Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD

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