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Adherence to Hypertensive Treatment among Vietnamese Patients in New Orleans

Objectives: Our principal objectives were to identify the level of adherence and identify the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that influence adherence to antihypertensive treatment among Vietnamese patients in New Orleans, Louisiana. Methods: By partnering with a community health center serving the Vietnamese community in New Orleans, we conducted reviews of...

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Readmissions among People Living with HIV Admitted for Hypertensive Emergency

Objectives: People with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Hypertensive emergency (HTNE), a complication of hypertension with potentially serious health implications, has high healthcare utilization. We attempted to determine the association between HIV status and risk for 30-day readmission after index hospitalization for...

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CME Article: Peripartum Hypertensive Crisis Simulation and Education Initiative among Rural Emergency Departments

Objective: To determine whether the introduction of hypertensive bundles through simulation and education would result in the timely assessment and treatment of a simulated patient in a peripartum hypertensive crisis. Methods: This prospective observational pilot study evaluates the use of simulation and education on hypertension bundled care for peripartum patients...

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CME Article: Association of Hypertension and Hyperthyroidism in a Subspecialty Clinic and a National Database

Objective: Hypertension can cause significant morbidity and reduced life expectancy. Most patients with hypertension have primary hypertension; however, 10% to 15% have secondary hypertension. Endocrine disorders as a secondary cause occur in approximately 10% of patients with secondary hypertension, and thyroid disorders account for approximately 1% of all patients with...

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