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Podcast | Southern Medicine | April 30, 2020

Fireside Chat: How Anxiety and Depression Have Changed in Our Patient Population

In this podcast, SMA President Dr. Philip Hartman and licensed therapist Jaclyn Replogle discuss how anxiety and depression have changed in the patient population throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how providers might assist those patients. In addition, coping techniques, methods, and resources for both patients and healthcare providers are detailed.

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Podcast | Southern Medicine | April 24, 2020

Fireside Chat: Treatment of Addiction and Maintaining Sobriety During a Time of Pandemic and Isolation

In this latest episode of Fireside Chats with the Troops on the Frontline of COVID-19 Pandemic, SMA President Dr. Philip Hartman, a family physician who treats chemical dependency is joined by Mike Foster, a licensed chemical dependency counselor, to discuss the struggles of treating addiction and maintaining sobriety during a pandemic. Helpful tools and resources for healthcare providers are also outlined.

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Podcast | Southern Medicine | March 20, 2020

Mental Health Perspective on Coronavirus

Dr. Anandhi Narasimhan will discuss issues related to mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Topics include managing anxiety, how to deal with social distancing and isolation, how to talk to children about coronavirus. Also will discuss how treatment can be optimized so that mental health services are available to those who need it virtually.

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