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Important Advances in Pediatric Injury Prevention

In this article, the authors present an overview of the more common pediatric injuries along with key components of injury-prevention strategies, specifically addressing the following injuries: motor vehicle crashes (with a section on teen driver crashes, sleep-related injury, and death), poisoning, all-terrain vehicle crashes, drowning, and firearm injuries.

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Pregnancy-Associated Diabetes Mellitus and Stillbirths by Race and Ethnicity among Hospitalized Pregnant Women in the United States

In this article, the authors examined national preexisting diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes mellitus prevalence trends by race/ethnicity and the association between these conditions and fetal death.

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Implementation of a Postpartum Note Reminder and Factors Associated with Postpartum Glucose Tolerance Screening

The authors studied whether a reminder in the electronic medical records affects provider ordering of a postpartum glucose tolerance test. They also studied whether any demographic, medical history, prenatal, or delivery variables are associated with patient attendance to a postpartum visit and patient completion of the postpartum glucose tolerance test when ordered.

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Incidence of Refeeding Syndrome in Pediatric In-Patients At the US-Mexico Border- A Retrospective Study

The purpose of this study was to establish the incidence of refeeding syndrome concentrated within a border city.

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Prophylactic Transfusion During Pregnancy for Women with Sickle Cell Disease

In this podcast, Dr. Everett Magann discusses prophylactic transfusion during pregnancy for women with sickle cell disease. Dr. Magann is the corresponding author of an article appearing in the April 2021 issue of the Southern Medical Journal that addresses this topic.

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