December 2018, Volume 111 - Issue 12

Maternal/Perinatal Outcome in Women with Sickle Cell Disease: A Comparison of Two Time Periods

John N. Chang, MD, Everett F. Magann, MD, Sarah A. Novotny, MD, Chad E. Cooley, MD, C. Heath Gauss, MS, Marc R. Parrish, MD, John C. Morrison, MD

Abstract: Objective: To compare pregnancy outcomes in women with sickle cell disease from recent deliveries with a similar group delivered earlier. Methods: During a 12-year period (2005–2016), data from pregnant women with hemoglobin SS or SC were collected from three...

(pp 742-745)

Uremic Pericarditis: Distinguishing Features in a Now-Uncommon Clinical Syndrome

Daniel Restrepo, MD, Muthiah Vaduganathan, MD, MPH, Andrew Z. Fenves, MD

Abstract: We present the case of a 47-year-old man with a history of diabetes mellitus and diabetic nephropathy who was admitted to our hospital with acute uremic myopericarditis. Echocardiography demonstrated a fibrinous pericardial effusion. The patient was initiated on...

(pp 754-757)

Medical Student H&Ps: Do You Have to Observe Them All At Once?

David M. Mills, MD, Michele K. Friesinger, MA, Sherron M. Jackson, MD, Patricia G. McBurney, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Direct observation of medical students’ history and physical examination (H&P) skills by attendings is essential in ensuring trainees’ competence. This study compared whether partial observations by multiple pediatric attendings across various clinical...

(pp 727-732)