October 24-26, 2024

Crowne Plaza Perimeter, Atlanta, GA

"I had a wonderful experience working with SMA. I found the education team to be incredibly supportive and enjoyed the time I spent with other faculty and attendees.  It was especially important to hear firsthand accounts from attendees of their experience with COVID-19.  The conference with well-organized and fruitful for all involved."

Pragna Patel, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer

"It has been my honor to be able to serve the SMA on many levels for the past decade, and one of my most rewarding experiences has been sharing my perspectives as a senior leader in organized medicine during the various meetings. The enthusiasm from and engagement with participants always increases my personal education and energizes me to appreciate and grow the profession."

Gerald Harmon, MD
School of Medicine Columbia

"It was an honor to be invited to give a presentation at the SMA annual meeting. I appreciated the assistance of the organizers. They were helpful and easy to work with. The conference went very smoothly and I could see that all participants enjoyed the speakers and the networking opportunities. There were a variety of interesting topics on the program that appealed to a wide audience."

Sarah Paul, DNP, FNP, FHFSA
Heart Failure Nurse Practitioner
Catawba Valley Cardiology

"The SMA Scientific Assembly was a highlight of my year! Watching Dr. Christopher D. Jackon's induction as President was memorable and moving. The SMA staff was friendly, welcoming, and committed to ensuring an excellent experience for attendees."

Sadie Elisseou, MD
Clinical Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
2023 Annual Scientific Assembly

"SMA provided an incredibly exciting opportunity to learn from other medical students and residents, as well as see research across various fields in medicine. I was grateful to learn from other presenters and have the opportunity to connect with new people in the medical field."

Co-presenters Annabelle Lunt/Madeline Elise Becker ASA2023
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

"Participating in the SMA Annual Science Assembly was an incredibly enriching experience for me. Meeting and engaging with fellow residents and attendings from different programs was truly rewarding, igniting my academic aspirations and reinforcing my commitment to pursue the academic path I've set for myself. Sharing my clinical insights with others at the conference was particularly fulfilling, and receiving an award was a tremendous honor. The assembly served as a revelation, expanding my understanding of the vastness of the medical field and leaving me inspired. I eagerly look forward to participating in future SMA conferences and am profoundly grateful to the SMA for orchestrating such impactful events."

Sunpil Hwang ASA2023
North Alabama Medical Center

The Annual Scientific Assembly is made up of these great scholarly activities and social events.

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