Doctors’ Day Give90 Campaign

February 13, 2023 // Randy Glick's every Member sharing this mission with Family, Friends, Patients and Colleagues...Giving Over and Beyond by just $90 this year...the difference it could make in the journey of young medical school students and would change the world.

What better way to Honor the Physicians in Your Life than by Giving 90 to help ensure that your kids, grandkids and family will have Southern-minded, Patient-centric Doctors who have their best interest in mind?

It's a pretty simple concept.

According to recent AMA numbers, the Physician Deficit in the South will exceed 100,ooo by 2030.

With barriers multiplying every day; more red tape, politics and fabricated narratives meant to serve the almighty dollar, the world of medicine and healthcare is facing, not only a physician shortage, but a LEADERSHIP shortage.

For the ones called to be physicians, there are very few programs along the way that are designed to help them stay-course for when the option to give up or quit seems inevitable.

That's the SMA Mission.

The Education-based MEMBERSHIP of SMA provides SCHOLARSHIPS for financial support, RELATIONSHIPS for mental support, FELLOWSHIP for social support and MENTORSHIPS for educational support.

And it's all funded by your STEWARDSHIP.

We are a 501(c)(3A) Non-Profit organization. Every penny we receive from donations goes to fund medical student scholarships and programs designed to improve patient care, and combat physician burnout through apolitical, multidisciplinary physician education. We seek to unite healthcare professionals at every level of medicine.

We would greatly appreciate your help.

If you would consider donating to the Give90 Initiative of SMA, please share this link with anyone you think would do the same.

We are so grateful. The Physicians of Tomorrow Will Be Too.

Thank you.

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