Rachel Brown, MD

Dr. Rachel Brown is a family physician certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians. She received her MD from Boston University School of Medicine in 2000 and completed her residency training at the Palmetto Health Family Medicine Residency Program in 2003, followed by a Faculty Development fellowship at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Dr. Brown is experienced in the medical care of children and adolescents, young and middle-aged adults, pregnant women, and the elderly. Her special interests are in prevention and health maintenance, chronic disease management, sports medicine, and wellness coaching with goal-setting.

Dr. Brown worked as the predoctoral director and associate residency program director at the Palmetto Health Family Medicine Residency for twelve years.  After working on special wellness projects for Palmetto Health team members as a wellness consultant, she was hired by Palmetto Health as the Medical Director of Health and Wellness.  She provides medical oversight of and administrative consultation on the development of team member wellness programs and has a special interest in physician and provider resilience interventions.

She is also the owner of Free To Move Fitness, LLC, a family fitness company that provides health education, fitness classes, and wellness coaching to adults and children, especially those with or at risk for chronic disease.  Dr. Brown is certified as an American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor and an International Youth Conditioning Association Youth Fitness Specialist.

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