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Disability Insurance for Individual

Protect one of your most valuable resources — your income. As an SMA Member, you get a 15% association member discount on your policy. Our goal is to make certain you have a policy that fits your needs, your budget and stays with you wherever you go. Group disability through your employer is an excellent benefit, but it is usual limited in how much it provides for you when you need it most.

An important provision of a great DI policy is having a true “Own Occupation” definition of disability, which pays benefits if you are unable to perform the duties of your current occupation. The True, or Specialty, Own-Occupation definition states that you’re considered disabled if, due to injury or illness, you’re unable to perform the material duties of your current occupation.  In addition, there is no penalty for engaging in a different occupation or earning income from another source.  This is the ideal definition because if you become disabled from your current occupation, you can then work in another occupation (consult, teach, write a book, etc) without jeopardizing policy benefits.