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Individual Medical Malpractice Insurance

You want the security of knowing you have the best possible medical malpractice coverage. And at SMA, we want to make sure you get it. 

When you’re looking for medical malpractice coverage, you don’t want the bare minimum. You’ve worked too hard to settle for that. And you don’t want a general policy that was built with someone else in mind. You want a plan that’s built around your practice; your concerns; your needs. 

You’ll find it here, with your family of medicine at SMA. We’ve partnered with the Coverys Insurance Company to bring you an exclusive medical malpractice program designed with our members in mind. We’ve been where you are, and we’ve used that experience to craft a program unlike any other: a program developed by physicians and administrators, for physicians and administrators.

With SMA’s medical malpractice insurance, you’ll have a range of options to create a customized policy that’s all your own. That’s because malpractice insurance alone is never quite enough in our ever-changing profession; to protect yourself, it’s important to be able to consolidate different lines of coverage into a single package.

You’ll get that and more with SMA. We offer: 

  • A choice of claims-made, modified claims-made, and occurrence coverage. Most medical malpractice insurers limit you to claims-made policies. That can get very expensive if a claim is made against you after your policy period ends — even if the incident occurred during the policy period. With SMA, you can opt for either an occurrence policy, which offers far broader protection; or a modified claims-made plan with a prepaid tail option that will automatically kick in after your policy period ends. 
  • A suite of comprehensive risk management and patient safety education services. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: that goes for you as well as your patients. With 24-hour risk management support, business analytics, webinars, and other educational offerings, we offer a consultative approach created to assist you before a claim occurs. 
  • Coverage of up to $2,000,000 per claim. 
  • Free endorsement for extended tail coverage in the event of death, disability, or retirement.* Even if a claim is filed against you after you’ve retired — or if someone else has to handle it in your stead — you (and they) will still be covered. 
  • A broad definition of insured.* Shared coverage is provided for all non-physician employees, students, and volunteers while acting within their scope of duties.
  • Additional lines of coverage at no extra cost. Coverage for solely owned practices is included, as is cyber liability, vicarious liability (for claims against someone for whom you’re legally responsible), and locum tenens coverage (for temporary absences from your practice). 
  • Options for additional coverage. For an extra premium, you can add coverage for commercial general liability, employee benefits liability, and umbrella liability coverage for coverage beyond the underlying policy limit. 

*Certain eligibility requirements may apply – call us today to see if you are eligible.

We’re proud to count Coverys as a partner in our mission to bring the best possible insurance to our members. With over 45 years of proven success, they’re an A-rated company with deep underwriting experience. And they serve most medical specialties anywhere within the US (and its territories) and Canada. 

No one knows better than you how to protect yourself, which is why our plan puts you in full control of your coverage options. But you don’t have to go it alone. Your SMA family — and our partners at Coverys — are looking out for you, too.