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Medical Malpractice Insurance

Together – Managing Complex Risk

Mandates by states, health systems, and insurer credentialing require physicians to carry minimum limits of professional liability insurance. Regardless of these external demands, protecting your assets through a thoughtful process is a prudent decision. Whether you are in a solo practice or in a physician group, SMA’s insurance partners can provide a customized policy developed to meet your needs.

Being Prepared to Mitigate Risk
What you don’t know – can hurt you.

The simplest way to mitigate risk is to be prepared, and the team at SMA welcomes the opportunity to assist you in your preparedness. We are confident that our experience and industry acumen will generate a customized, competitively priced insurance program designed to address your unique needs in the most cost-conscious manner possible. Complete the form below, and we will be in touch shortly.


  • Protection for your practice, even into retirement;
  • Peace of mind for the here and now, and future;
  • Good Samaritan Coverage. Physical, Sexual Abuse & Misconduct. Punitive Damages.

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