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Vision Insurance for Individuals

Your ability to see is an important part of your overall health. Having your families vision protected through individual vision insurance is a great way to ensure you are proactively caring for you, or your families vision and to stay ahead of any potential health issues associated with your vision. Most vision care plans provide discounts on laser eye-correction surgery. Some plans offer only minimal services, others may help cover treatments for eye surgery. Other potential benefits include discounted vision exams, glasses, and contacts. Some vision care plans require you to see a provider in the plan’s network. Other vision care plans simply require you to be treated by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.


  • Covered in full once every 12 months
  • Frames every 24 months, lenses every 12 months
  • Materials only covered up to $140 once every 12 months
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY