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Primary Care Clinicians’ Perceived Role in Addressing Childhood Obesity in the Southern United States

Objectives: Primary care is an opportune setting to promote healthy behaviors for children and families. In 2007, an expert committee recommended that pediatric primary care clinicians assess nutrition and physical activity at wellness visits and offer recommendations; however, little is known about what pediatric primary care clinicians perceive their role...

Posted in: Eating Disorders (Not Including Obesity)1

SMJ Article | Original Article

Procedural Anxiety, Pain Catastrophizing, and Procedure-Related Pain during EGD and Colonoscopy

Objectives: Although sedatives and analgesic drugs defuse anxiety and relieve pain, digestive endoscopy still is uncomfortable and painful for some patients. Identifying patients who tolerate digestive endoscopy less well remains difficult. The present study evaluated the relations between procedural anxiety, catastrophizing thoughts, and pain, using a prospective design and multimodal...

Posted in: Gastroenterology31 Psychiatry2
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