June 2, 2020

SMJ : June 2020 Vol. 113, No. 06

The Southern Medical Journal(SMJ) is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Southern Medical Association. It has a multidisciplinary and inter-professional focus that covers a broad range of topics relevant to physicians and other healthcare specialists, including medicine; surgery; women’s and children’s health; mental health; emergency and disaster medicine; public health and environmental medicine; bioethics and medical education; and quality health care, patient safety, and best practices.

A Robust Faculty Development Program for Medical Educators: A Decade of Experience

Sarah B. Merriam, MD, MS, Rachel Vanderberg, MD, MS, Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MPH, Tanya Nikiforova, MD, MS, Carla L. Spagnoletti, MD, MS

CME Article: Relation Between Pediatric Emergency Department Activity and Patient Complexity

Barry Hahn MD, Jerel Chacko MD, Raquel Klinger , Yvonne Giunta MD

A Population-Based Study of Factors Associated with Postpartum Contraceptive Use by Birth Interval Length

Larissa R. Brunner Huber, PhD, Kenesha Smith, PhD, Wei Sha, PhD, Liang Zhao, MS, Tara Vick, MD, Tasha L. Gill, MPH

Opioid Use Among HIV-Positive Pregnant Women and the Risk for Maternal–Fetal Complications

Ngoc H. Nguyen, PharmD, Erika N. Le, PharmD, Vanessa O. Mbah, PharmD, Emily B. Welsh, PharmD, Rana Daas, BS, Kiara K. Spooner, DrPH, MPH, Jason L. Salemi, PhD, MPH, Omonike A. Olaleye, PhD, MPH, Hamisu M. Salihu, MD, PhD

Effects of Preoperative WBC Count on Post-CABG Surgery Clinical Outcome

Alexander Aizenshtein, MD, Erez Kachel, MD, Grosman Rimon Liza, PhD, Basem Hijazi, MSc, Arnon Blum, MD

Nationwide Trends in Prevalent Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Diseases in Young Adults: Differences by Sex and Race and In-Hospital Outcomes

Rupak Desai, MBBS, Upenkumar Patel, MBBS, MPH, Tarang Parekh, MBBS, MSc, Bishoy Hanna, MD, Kranthi Sitammagari, MD, Hee Kong Fong, MD, Muhammad Uzair Lodhi, MD, BSc, Yash Varma, MBBS, Nanush Damarlapally, MBBS, Rajkumar Doshi, MD, MPH, Sejal Savani, MPH, Gautam Kumar, MD, Rajesh Sachdeva, MD

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