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High Prevalence of Buprenorphine in Prenatal Drug Screens in an Appalachian City

Objectives: To define the magnitude of buprenorphine presence in the urine drug screens of pregnant women and to assess the presence of illicit buprenorphine use versus the presence of prescribed buprenorphine use.Methods: Initial prenatal drug screen results for all pregnant patients in our practice for a 1-year period were analyzed...

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Uterine Surrogacy is Morally Equivalent to Selling a Kidney

To the Editor: Uterine surrogacy is accepted in the United States, but it is illegal for an individual to financially benefit from donating a kidney to another person. Both provide the gift of life. For surrogacy, it is a newborn child; for transplantation it is longer life expectancy1 and an...

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Editor’s Response

We have elected to publish Dr McCartney’s Letter to the Editor, wherein he advocates for an open market for the sale of kidneys for transplantation, to again stimulate thought and discussion regarding the ethical nuances of organ transplantation.

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