Abstract | November 6, 2020

A Rare case of anorexia nervosa leading to hypoklameic nephropathy

Although the complications of psychiatric conditions are vast, irreversible kidney damage as the leading cause of death is an infrequent occurrence. There have not been many documented cases that discuss how an eating disorder results in chronic metabolic disturbance due to permanent scarring of the renal interstitum.

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Abstract | November 6, 2020

Assessing the Barriers & Benefits Associated with Using Psychiatric Advance Directives to Guide Care within the Emergency Department

While psychiatric advance directives (PADs) have been used within the field of mental health for a number of years and have been proven to reduce the need for coercive intervention, increase post discharge treatment adherence, and improve medication compliance, they remain an underused and under-investigated tool in patient care.

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Procedural Anxiety, Pain Catastrophizing, and Procedure-Related Pain during EGD and Colonoscopy

Objectives: Although sedatives and analgesic drugs defuse anxiety and relieve pain, digestive endoscopy still is uncomfortable and painful for some patients. Identifying patients who tolerate digestive endoscopy less well remains difficult. The present study evaluated the relations between procedural anxiety, catastrophizing thoughts, and pain, using a prospective design and multimodal...

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