Case Report

Carcinomatous Meningitis Secondary to Transitional Cell Bladder Cancer

Authors: Casey D. Bowen, MD, Gary Von Burton, MD, Rebecca C. Bargen, MD, Phillip Madonia, MD, Songlin Zhang, MD, PhD, Eduardo Gonzalez Toledo, MD, Richard Zweig, MD, Chaitanya Pant, MD


We report a patient with carcinomatous meningitis secondary to known transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. The patient presented with multiple focal neurological signs and symptoms. Diagnosis was suggested by magnetic resonance imaging and confirmed by analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid. He received whole brain radiotherapy despite a poor prognosis. To our knowledge, this is only the fifth reported case of neoplastic meningitis due to bladder cancer with confirmatory imaging and cytology and only the fourth reported case that presented with cranial nerve involvement.

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