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OPEN: Practical Considerations for the Academic Physician Moving to a New State

Authors: Jeremy B. Richards, MD, MA, Susan R. Wilcox, MD


Moving from one state to another for a new position or opportunity is a common event for academic physicians. Although moving can be personally and professionally disruptive for everyone, it can be particularly challenging for academic physicians. From practical considerations such as applying for a new state medical license to professional challenges such as minimizing disruption to educational or research projects, there are numerous challenges associated with relocating to an academic institution in a new state. Despite the frequency with which academic physicians move between institutions in different states, we could not identify any practical guidance about moving in the literature. We searched the peer-reviewed literature, reviewed non-peer-reviewed open access sources, and drew from our own experience as academic physicians who have recently moved, and collated pertinent resources to develop a guide of what physicians need to consider when planning a move to a new position in a new state. Our review and guidance considers the following issues: state licensing, governmental certification, maintaining communication with collaborators and colleagues, working with institutional review boards regarding ongoing research projects, transferring funds from grants, transitioning out of clinical practice, and transferring data and resources. Anticipating the requirements and challenges of moving can help academic physicians, whether at the beginning, middle, or end of their careers, with the process of moving to a new state for a new position.


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Table 1. Timeline and checklist of tasks to be completed by academic physicians before moving

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Table 2. Professional documents to be made into digital files

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