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Acropachy Associated with Thyroid Disease

Case Report

Malignant Testis Tumors of Infancy



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The Search For A Practical Sunscreen

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Pulmonary Blastomycosis Roentgenographic Clues to the Diagnosis

Systemic blastomycosis not infrequently mosqueroades under several diagnoses before its identity is recognized. The authors have reviewed the radiologic findings which should be helpful in arousing suspicion of the true nature of the disease.

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Renal Homotransplantation Experience at Wilford Hall USAF Hospital

The authors describe the use of disruption of the lymphatic system anatomically related to the transplant in an effort to modify the immune response to a homograft. They emphasize irreversible complications of the uremic state even with successful transplantation and certain hazards in transplanting other disease.

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Seizures with Onset After Forty Years of Age; Role of Cerebrovascular Disease

The cause of seizures after this age has been a topic of controversy in the past and one dominated by impressions and misconceptions. The authors have reviewed their series of cases as to cause of seizures, and at the same time recognize that hospital populations may vary greatly as between…

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Surgical Management of Priapism and Its Sequelae in Sickle Cell Disease

The authors warn of the need for conservative treatment in priapism in the patient having sickle cell disease. Surgical manipulation is much more likely to lead to serious complications, as sloughing, than in patients with other causes of this disturbance

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Follow-Up Studies of St. Louis Encephalitis in Florida: Comparison of 1964 and 1965 Health Questionnaire Findings

This paper reports the findings in 71 survivors of the 1959-62 epidemic of encephalitis in Florida. Although there was a progressive improvement with time, these patients continued to exhibit a higher incidence of complaints, chiefly psychosomatic, than did matched healthy controls.

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Endotracheal Intubation Versus Tracheostomy

The authors have shown that endotracheal intubation may frequently meet the needs for which tracheostomy has been done. The procedure is recommended especially for circumstances requiring short periods of respiratory assistance, thereby eliminating prolonged hospitalization because of a tracheostomy wound. It is a safe procedure if attention is given to…

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Medical Grand Rounds from the University of Alabama Medical Center

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Feeding Premature Infants: A Comparison Of Effects On Weight Gain, Blood And Urine Of Two Formulas With Varying Protein And Ash Composition

This is an interesting nutritional and metabolic study showing that, because of maturational differences, premature infants do not gain weight or increase their caloric intake when fed ad lib a formula with high ash and protein content as compared to one similar to cow’s milk. The authors have accumulated a…

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Salmonellosis Associated with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

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The Fictional Physician-Scientist of Nineteenth-Century America Scientific Milieu

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A Classification of Intersexes Gynecologic Considerations

The early recognition and correct diagnosis of anomalies in genital development is essential to their management and the psychologic orientation of the growing person. Today chromosomal studies lend aid in differential diagnoses not available a decade ago. Nevertheless, exploratory laparotomy and biopsy of gonadal tissue may be a necessity.


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