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Renal Cell Carcinoma in Children

AbstractRenal cell carcinoma in children possesses characteristics common to both the Wilms' tumor and to its counterpart in adults. Tumor incidence is equal in males and females, and in the right and the left kidneys. All races are affected. The most common symptoms are hematuria and abdominal mass. The classical…

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Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma: With Long-Term Survival

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Penetrating Wounds of the Abdominal Aorta

AbstractDuring a 14-year period, 51 patients with penetrating wounds to the abdominal aorta were treated on the surgical service of Grady Memorial Hospital. Although the overall mortality was 69%, 14 of the last 20 patients survived when a standardized operative approach was followed. A plea is made for both a…

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Malignant Degeneration of a Peripheral Neurofibroma with Pitfalls in Angiographic Diagnosis

AbstractA case of von Recklinghausen's disease, complicated by malignant degeneration of an extremity neurofibroma, is presented. Arteriography demonstrated findings compatible with malignancy. In addition, two areas of blush proximal to the primary tumor were interpreted as metastasis. The primary tumor was a malignant schwannoma, but the other areas were a…

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Active Tumor Immunotherapy with BCG

AbstractA patient with slowly progressive, widely metastatic carcinoma of the breast was treated with BCG injected into subcutaneous tumor nodules. Biopsies of nodules treated with BCG showed an intense inflammatory reaction and a marked decrease in tumor cells. Biopsies of uninjected tumor nodules showed numerous tumor cells and absence of…

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Tendon Healing in Dogs with Emphasis on Tensile Strength and Cellular Patterns

AbstractSeventeen normal flexor tendons in three adult dogs were tested for tensile strength on an Instron at varying times after tendon incision and repair. The cellular characteristics correlated with the tensile strength. Fifteen weeks after operation and repair, the tensile strength was 15% of normal, and at 40 weeks after…

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Hemophilus Influenzae Meningitis Associated with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

AbstractDisseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) has been recognized as a complication of numerous infections. Its occurrence with infections due to Hemophilus influenzae has been reported rarely. This communication reports two cases of meningitis due to Hemophilus influenzae type B which were complicated by disseminated intravascular coagulation. Manifestations of DIC were excessive…

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The Treatment of Retinal Detachments Secondary to Macular Holes

AbstractRetinal detachments secondary to macular holes can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Several methods of treatment have been advocated in the past. In selected cases the use of transcleral diathermy and intravitreal air tamponade can be useful in the management of retinal detachments secondary to macular holes.

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Treatment of Decubitus Ulcers in Paraplegic Patients: A Comparison of Three Topical Agents—Absorbable Gelatin Sponge, Gelatin Powder, and Enzyme Ointment

AbstractA total of 150 decubitus ulcers in 82 para-quadriplegic patients were treated by the topical application of either powdered gelatin, absorbable gelatin sponge or enzyme ointment, after initial debridement. All three types of therapy appeared to be clinically equivalent so far as final healing time was concerned. Approximately half the…

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Intramedullary Fixation After Subtrochanteric Osteotomy for Coxa Vara and Coxa Valga Deformities in Children

AbstractInternal fixation after subtrochanteric osteotomy for valgus, varus, or anteversion deformities of the upper end of the femur is a satisfactory way of holding the fragments of the osteotomized femur after correction has been obtained. This method of internal fixation is easier in changing a high angle of the femur…

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Tumor Metastases to the Small Bowel from Extra-Abdominal Sites

AbstractRarely is the small bowel involved by metastatic lesions emanating from primary tumors in extra-abdominal sites. We have seen 12 such patients at our institution over the past 20 years. None had involvement of the small bowel by direct extension. The primary sites were skin (malignant melanoma), embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma arising…

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Diagnostic Problems after Radiotherapy Involving the Lung

AbstractIt is important for a good oncologist to examine and interpret the roentgenograms of patients in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis, using the radiologist as a valuable guide. When patients have received a course of radiotherapy that included a portion of the lung parenchyma, the clinical oncologist must…

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Viral Cardiomyopathy: Syndrome of Viral Heart and Neurologic Disease

AbstractFour patients are described who had cardiomyopathy as the illness of major importance to cardiologists but in whom there was interesting and important associated neurologic disease, the Guillain-Barré syndrome. This presentation shows that when patients are suspected of having viral cardiomyopathy, they should be questioned carefully to learn if neurologic…

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Rheumatoid Constrictive Pericarditis Treated Successfully by Pericardiectomy

AbstractPericardial effusion and pericarditis are infrequent complications of rheumatoid arthritis. Involvement may rarely lead to acute or chronic cardiac tamponade. However, close observation during an acute episode of pericarditis and careful follow-up are required, since the development of pericardial effusion with tamponade and pericardial constriction is insidious. This is the…

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Radiologic Study of Extracoronary Arteries in Living Humans with Special Attention to Coarctation of the Aorta

AbstractThis work discusses the problem of extracoronary vascularization of the heart. The authors performed selective bronchial arteriography in 66 living subjects suffering mainly from neoplastic lung diseases. In six instances, the atrial branch of the bronchial artery (a b b a) was visualized radiographically. Frequency of appearance, course, and dimensions…

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Essential Blepharospasm

AbstractEssential blepharospasm is a severe, progressive bilateral facial spasm affecting older individuals. Its cause is unknown. As the disease becomes severely disabling, a trial of medical therapy (l-dopa) is justified. This often is not successful; if not, the preferred treatment is bilateral differential nerve resection with avulsion of the nerve…

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Clinical Features of Bites by Nonvenomous Snakes

AbstractTwelve volunteers were bitten by nonvenomous snakes native to the United States. The clinical features of these bites were tooth marks, minimal pain, tingling, itching, oozing of blood from the wound, and minimal swelling. No complications were observed. Treatment consisted of cleaning the wound with germicidal soap, and antitetanus treatment.

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Drug Management of the Patient with Pain: Pharmacologic Considerations

AbstractPain is a subjective phenomenon and the variables which relate to its intensity in any one person at any one time are for the most part unknown. Pharmacologic progress in controlling pain is not in a refined state at the present time.

Case Report

Concomitant Infection with Entamoeba Histolytica and Two Shigella Strains

Case Report

Chronic Gasoline Inhalation

AbstractA 14-year-old Negro boy presented with a chronic (six year), accelerating history of gasoline inhalation with recent choreiform movements, delirium, and elevated urine lead excretion. Extensive studies and the clinical course implicated “gasoline sniffing” as the etiologic agent. An EEG remained moderately abnormal four months after cessation of the habit….

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