September 2017, Volume 110 - Issue 9

On “Direct to Physician Journal Marketing”

G. Richard Holt, MD

Abstract: To the Editor: An interesting threefold (by my observation) phenomenon is under way in the medical publication field: an explosion of new journals around the world that are pure ‘‘pay to publish’’ (ie, Open Access) as the business model; direct-to-physician...

(pp 604)

Commentary on “Discussing Advance Care Planning and Directives in the General Population”

Stephen O. Sodeke, PhD, MA

Abstract: In this issue of the Southern Medical Journal, de Caprariis and colleagues make three recommendations in regard to the approach that healthcare professionals should use to promote the utilization of advance care planning (ACP) and advance directives (ADs).1. These...

(pp 569-570)

Discussing Advance Care Planning and Directives in the General Population

Pascal J. de Caprariis, MD, Bronwyn Rucker, LCSW, Claudia Lyon, DO

Abstract: The concept of end-of-life planning, along with medical and legal issues, has been discussed and has evolved over several years. The 1990 Patient Self-Determination Act and individual states’ Department of Health Advance Directive forms helped overcome past problems....

(pp 563-568)