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Southern Medical Journal Vol. 112 • No. 06 • June 2019

Bioethics & Medical Education
Everyday Leadership: A Combined Resident and Faculty Workshop
Sherine Salib, MD, MRCP, FACP, and Victoria Valencia, MPH

OPEN: Practical Considerations for the Academic Physician Moving to a New State
Jeremy B. Richards, MD, MA, and Susan R. Wilcox, MD

CME Article: Workplace Violence: Experiences of Internal Medicine Trainees at an Academic Medical Center
Becky Lowry, MD, Leigh M. Eck, MD, Erica E. Howe, MD, JoHanna Peterson, MD, and Cheryl A. Gibson, PhD

Dealing With Surrogate Conflict: A Student’s Perspective
Derek Su, MD, and David A. Fleming, MD, MA

Commentary on “Dealing with Surrogate Conflict: A Student’s Perspective”
G. Richard Holt, MD, MSE, MPH, MABE, DBioethics

Predictors of Empathic Compassion: Do Spirituality, Religion, and Calling Matter?
Caroline L. Thomas, MD, Mariana Cuceu, MD, Hyo Jung Tak, PhD, Marija Nikolic, MD, Sakshi Jain, MD, Theodore Christou, MD, and John D. Yoon, MD

Women’s & Children’s Health
Increasing Prevalence of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection in a Southern Academic Obstetrical Clinic
Gweneth B. Lazenby, MD, Cody Orr, BA, Constance Guille, MD, and Eric G. Meissner, MD, PhD

Quality Care & Patient Safety
Availability of Hospital Resources and Specialty Services for Stroke Care in North Carolina
Mehul D. Patel, PhD, Gilson Honvoh, MSPH, Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD, Rhonda Cadena, MD, Emma R. Kelly, BSPH, Philip McDaniel, MA, and Jane H. Brice, MD, MPH

Holiday Discharges Are Associated with Higher 30-Day General Internal Medicine Hospital Readmissions at an Academic Medical Center
Ajay Dharod, MD, Brian J. Wells, MD, PhD, Kristin Lenoir, MPH, Wesley G. Willeford, MD, Michael W. Milks, MD, and Hal H. Atkinson, MD, MS

Mental Health
Canine-Assisted Therapy in Hospitalized Patients Awaiting Heart Transplantation
David Snipelisky, MD, Jessica Smidt, BS, Shawn Gallup, RN, Jane Myrick, RN, Brent Bauer, MD, and M. Caroline Burton, MD

Medicine & Medical Specialties
Summary of Selected Healthcare Encounters among a Selection of Patients with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy
Kevin J. Bennett, PhD, Joshua R. Mann, MD, MPH, and Lijing Ouyang, PhD

Emergency Medicine & Disaster Preparedness
On “Healthcare Professionals and In-Flight Medical Emergencies: Resources, Responsibilities, Goals, and Legalities as a Good Samaritan”
Jim Q. Ho, BA, and Ware G. Kuschner, MD

Authors’ Response
Pascal Joseph de Caprariis, MD Brooklyn, and Angela de Caprariis-Salerno, RPh, MS

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