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The Popes, the Pill, and the People

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Zinsser’s Microbiology

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Mother To Be

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Rehabilitation Medicine

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Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels. Nomenclature and Criteria for Diagnosis

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The Role of Pleasure in Behavior. A Symposium by 22 Authors

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Phenylbutazone Anuria



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Medical Grand Rounds from the University of Alabama Medical Center

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Significance of Certain Aortographic Findings in Renal Carcinoma

The authors find that certain characteristics demonstrated in the vascular distribution to renal tumors offer valuable guides to operability and prognosis.

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Drip Infusion Pyelography

By the use of intravenous infusion of a contrast medium, the authors have successfully demonstrated visualization of the urinary tract when usual intravenous pyelography has been unsatisfactory. In addition, this method has reduced the number of retrograde pyelograms on their service.

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Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies on Lower Extremities of Hemiplegics

The authors show differences in conduction velocity between the peroneal nerves of the affected and unaffected sides in hemiplegics. No differences in the posterior tibial nerves of the two sides were found.

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Narcotics in the Postoperative Period – A Reappraisal

The author’s experiences and conclusions should receive thoughtful consideration. The observing nonsurgical clinician has often wondered about these matters as he has followed the course of his patient postoperatively.

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The Family Physician and the Evaluation of Marital Infidelity

The author considers the psychiatric implications of this problem in marriage.

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Surgical Complications of Myocardial Infarction

The authors dramatically point to the circumstances under which the surgeon may take a hand in the management of complications of myocardial infarction.

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The Frequency of Metabolic Evaluation in “Stone Patients”

Not infrequently patients having renal calculi are inadequately studied to determine their cause. This study evaluates this fact and what may be learned by proper metabolic evaluation.

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Expectations and Limitations of Laser Photocoagulation

The author has explored the use of this latest instrument for photocoagulation. He is impressed with its potentialities.

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Evaluation of the Personality During Neurologic Examination

It is worthwhile upon occasion to review old items of knowledge which may be forgotten in the hurried examination of a busy office practice.

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The Alabama Chronic Respiratory Disease Program

The authors describe field studies in locating and evaluating persons having chronic pulmonary disease. They set the criteria for such studies and certain problems encountered.

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Dietary Management of Chronic Renal Failure

The author offers a diet she believes is reasonably palatable to attain the objectives of dietary control of chronic uremia. It has been shown by others that diet may be useful in the management of uremia but it has been unacceptable too often because of unpalatability.

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Tuberculin, Tine Test in Infection and Disease

This study evaluates a newer method of tuberculin testing, comparing its use in those with tuberculous infection and with tuberculous disease. In addition a comparison is made with testing by the Mantoux method.

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Comparative Studies of Experimental Blood Vessel Anastomosis Using Biological Adhesives

Though the authors believe that eventually an adhesive may be developed to aid in the anastomosis of blood vessels, those available at present will not meet the criteria of successful binding of the severed ends of vessels.

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Early Pericardiectomy In the Treatment of Constrictive Pericarditis

Though the acute phase of pericarditis may be missed, its diagnosis is advantageous. In the chronic stage, the earlier a constrictive feature is recognized and treated surgically, the better the prognosis especially in terms of morbidity.

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Complications of Subcutaneous Mastectomy with Prosthetic Replacement, Immediate or Delayed

The author explains the reasons for complications which have been encountered by others in the application of his operation for prosthetic replacement of breast tissue. He believes careful attention to these factors will reduce complications to a minimum.


PROCEEDINGS Southern Society for Pediatric Research Eighth Annual Meeting

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Symposium: Psychiatric Aspects of Ulcerative Colitis

It has long been recognized that ulcerative colitis has a large element of psychiatric interest in its pathogenesis and management. In fact to attempt to treat this disease, either medically or surgically, without recognizing this feature is to court failure. This facet was thoroughly discussed in this Panel Session.


Some Psychologic Considerations in the Medical Management of Ulcerative Colitis