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Perinatal Medicine


The Usefulness of Amniotic Fluid Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratio in Predicting Neonatal Respiratory Problems

AbstractThe amniotic fluid lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio (AFLS) was determined on 142 amniotic fluids obtained within 72 hours of delivery in women with normal pregnancy or those complicated by toxemia, diabetes mellitus, Rh sensitization or cesarean section. The neonates were carefully evaluated and their hospital course correlated poorly with their weights. Where…


Cancer of the Head and Neck Eight‐Year Experience

AbstractAn eight-year review of cancer of the head and neck (excluding parotid, thyroid, lip, and skin) is presented. Cancer of the head and neck is reviewed collectively in order to discern some common grounds upon which improvement could be based in this area of the body. It is our impression…

Clinical Brief

Intestinal Helminths in Children in Coastal South Carolina Follow‐up Report


Role of the Ophthalmologist in Diagnosing Brain Tumor

AbstractThe symptoms of 200 patients with histologically proven brain tumor were statistically studied. Of these, 91% had ocular symptoms or signs at the time of admission to neurosurgery. Sixty out of the 200 patients consulted ophthalmologists first. Of these 60 patients, 27 had prompt diagnosis of brain tumor, but in…


Use and Technic of Fasciotomy as an Adjunct to Limb Salvage

AbstractFasciotomy is one of the most important adjunctive procedures available to assure survival of an extremity following alteration of the normal distal circulation when associated with massive swelling. Its importance has been stressed infrequently in the literature. The indications for its use have been outlined in a variety of clinical…


Serratia Endocarditis in Patients with a Starr‐Edwards Valve Report ot a Case of Bacteriologic Cure with Antimicrobial Therapy

AbstractAlthough rare, Serratia marcescens endocarditis has been reported in patients after surgical placement of a Starr-Edwards valve. Of four previously reported patients only one survived. In the present case report, bacteriologic cure was achieved by antimicrobial therapy alone. Artificial valve endocarditis of this type may be managed without resorting to…


Esophagogastric Substitution After Total Gastrectomy and Distal Esophagectomy for Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer

AbstractRecent experiences with total gastrectomy and distal esophagectomy for locally advanced gastric cancer are summarized. The palliation achieved in these patients justifies the reconstruction. A brief review of the evolution of gastric substitution with technical considerations is included.


Blunt Abdominal Trauma A study of Relationship Between Diagnosis and Outcome

AbstractSixty-three cases are reviewed of patients who underwent consecutive laparotomies for blunt abdominal trauma. Ordinary physical examination is extremely precise in the evaluation of the patient with blunt abdominal injury who is conscious and responsive. However, we recommend that individuals with equivocal signs and less than optimal levels of consciousness…


Liquid Nitrogen in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris A Comparative Study

AbstractLiquid nitrogen has been reported to be effective in the treatment of acne vulgaris. However, it has been used in an uncontrolled manner in conjunction with other topical and/or systemic medications. This paper compares the effects of liquid nitrogen applied to one side of the face with those of other…

Review Article

Chronic Diarrhea in Infants and Children Part II

Case Report

Acute Renal Failure Following Intravenous Cholangiography

AbstractA case of acute renal failure following intravenous cholangiography is presented and the literature reviewed. This case shows the possibility of a delayed reaction to meglumine iodipamide. Subsequent procedures involving future renal stress should be undertaken only after evaluation of the patient's kidney function.

Case Report

Regional Enteritis with Free Perforation of the Jejunum and Generalized Peritonitis

AbstractA case is presented of regional enteritis complicated by free perforation of the jejunum and generalized peritonitis. Emergency laparotomy with primary resection and drainage was done and the patient recovered.


Meningitis Presenting as an Acute Abdomen

AbstractA patient with bacterial meningitis is reported who presented with unusual signs and symptoms. Severe abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, headache, and signs and symptoms of peritoneal irritation in the right lower quadrant led to an initial diagnosis of appendicitis. Subsequently, nuchal rigidity was observed and a lumbar puncture led to…

Current Concepts

Amebiasis Newer Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment

AbstractAmebiasis is still regularly encountered in the United States, both from the local community and in patients returning from abroad. Serologic technics, particularly the indirect hemagglutination test, have proved to be sensitive and specific and have improved the ability to detect cases of invasive amebiasis. Metronidazole has proved to be…

Case Report


A PNTHENT presented with necrotizing dermal abscesses at multiple aural sites which suggested septic emboli from a focus of endocarditis. These lesions were caused by streptococcal bacteremia with small vessel emboli and bacteremia with small vessel emboli and endotheliitis. This case demonstrates an unusual manifestation of streptococcal bactetemia not due…


Telephone Consultation—Dial Access A Project in Cancer Education and Control

AbstractA proposed expanded system of the Telephone Consultation and Education in Cancer System will be sponsored jointly by the Southern Medical Association, based in Birmingham, Ala; the M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston; and the Texas State Department of Health. Support is from the National Cancer Institute. Envisioned…

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