August 2017, Volume 110 - Issue 8

The Premedical Curriculum: We Can Do Better for Future Physicians

Bharat Kumar, MD, MME, RhMSUS, Melissa L. Swee, MD, MME, Manish Suneja, MD

Abstract: I n the long journey toward becoming a doctor in the United States, the first day of medical school often is considered the starting point. The fact is that medical education begins long before that epochal event. Indeed, the first dedicated steps take place in college,...

(pp 538-539)

Mitigating Matthew: 5 Lessons to Help Improve Hospital Preparedness in a Hurricane

Lancer A. Scott, MD, Florence E. Hutchison, MD

Abstract: Hurricane Matthew (Fig. 1) made landfall in the United States on October 8, 2016 near McClellanville, South Carolina, located just north of Charleston. The storm caused nearly $10 to $15 billion in damages along the southeast coastline, representing the 22nd most damaging...

(pp 528-530)

Patients with Access and Functional Needs in a Disaster

Sharon E. Mace, MD, Constance J. Doyle, MD

Abstract: Individuals with special healthcare needs have some of the highest morbidity and mortality rates during disasters. Efforts to triage, transport, shelter, or treat vulnerable populations often fail to take into consideration disabilities and social situations, including...

(pp 509-515)