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CME Article: A Hospitalist-Led Team to Manage Patient Boarding in the Emergency Department: Impact on Hospital Length of Stay and Cost

Objectives: Admitted patients boarding in the emergency department (ED) while awaiting inpatient beds represent a bottleneck in patient flow. We sought to examine the impact on patient flow and potential for cost savings by an active management of boarded ED medical admissions by a hospitalist-led team, which included a hospitalist,…

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Commentary on “A Hospitalist-Led Team to Manage Patient Boarding in the Emergency Department: Impact on Hospital Length of Stay and Cost”

As emergency medicine physicians, we are all too familiar with overcrowding in the emergency department (ED). Previous ED studies have shown that overcrowding occurs anywhere from 12% to 73% of the time. In fact, scales have been validated to determine the presence of overcrowding and predict the degree of overcrowding.1

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Emergency Medicine Resident–Driven Point of Care Ultrasound for Suspected Shoulder Dislocation

Objective: To determine the impact of implementing a musculoskeletal in-service educational intervention for emergency medicine (EM) residents on the use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) to diagnose and manage shoulder dislocations in the emergency department (ED).Methods: This study was conducted in the ED of an academic teaching hospital in Miami, Florida….

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How Postbaccalaureate Career Changer and Traditional Medical Students Differ Academically

Objective: This retrospective descriptive study compared the academic performance of postbaccalaureate career changer students with that of traditional students during the classroom-based, science-dominated early years of medical school. Earlier studies documented the eventual success of nontraditional medical students, although we found little information specific to the medical school performance of…

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Commentary on “How Postbaccalaureate Career Changer and Traditional Medical Students Differ Academically”

The article by Baill and colleagues in this issue of the Southern Medical Journal1 addresses a moderately important point in medical education, will so-called career changers (CCs) do poorly in medical school? For example, should a medical school seriously consider giving a spot to an applicant who studied liberal arts…

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Spirituality of Physicians

To the Editor: We evaluated the spirituality of caretakers, mainly physicians, in regard to its effect on the care of critically ill patients, terminally ill cancer patients, and older adult patients with comorbidities involving multiorgan dysfunctions. Spiritual issues are common in patients’ final days of life. Historically, spiritual care has…

Editor's Response

Editor’s Response

I appreciate the Letter to the Editor by Thangathurai and colleagues, which examines the issue of physician spirituality as applied to end of life and critical care of patients. More than 50 years ago, as medical students and resident physicians, we were forbidden to even explore the patient’s spirituality. Fortunately,…

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Dietary Supplement Use is High among Individuals with Parkinson Disease

Objectives: To assess the present use of dietary supplements among the Parkinson disease (PD) population and to determine which dietary supplements are most commonly taken.Methods: This cross-sectional study used an online questionnaire that was administered to individuals with PD via support group Web sites. Dietary supplement users also were asked…

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Social Support for Physical Activity for High Schoolers in Rural Southern Appalachia

Objective: Social support for physical activity (PA) has been shown to enhance PA levels in adolescents. Although social support has been examined extensively in the literature, less is known about the role of social support for PA for high school adolescents in rural southern Appalachia. PA is important because adolescent…

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When to Worry about Cancer: Concurrent Carcinoma and Recurrence in Borderline Ovarian Tumors

Objectives: The objectives of this study were to identify and assess the factors associated with concurrent carcinoma and recurrence in women with epithelial borderline ovarian tumors.Methods: The cancer and pathology databases at a tertiary care academic cancer center were queried for all borderline ovarian tumors from 2005 to 2015. Cases…

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