November 2017, Volume 110 - Issue 11

Commentary on “Using Pill Identification Calls to Poison Centers as a Marker of Drug Abuse at Three Texas Military Bases”

David B. Liss, MD

Abstract: The opioid epidemic in the United States is fueled by both prescription medications and illicitly manufactured drugs. Individuals who purchase or obtain prescription opioids illegitimately may wish to confirm the authenticity of the pills. For those involved with...

(pp 725-726)

The “Hand-in” Project: Jump-starting Communication Between Inpatient and Outpatient Providers

Jürgen L. Holleck, MD, Craig G. Gunderson, MD, Sheila M. Antony, MD, Shaili Gupta, MD, John J. Chang, MD, Naseema Merchant, MD, Shin Lin MD, Daniel G. Federman, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Communication between hospitalists and primary care providers (PCPs) upon discharge has been much discussed, but the transition from outpatient to inpatient has received less attention. We questioned whether a brief, standardized e-mail from the hospitalist to...

(pp 694-698)

Trends in Abortion Incidence and Availability in North Carolina, 1980–2013

Jeniece Alvey, MPH, Amy G. Bryant, MD, MSCR, Siân Curtis, PhD, Ilene S. Speizer, PhD, S. Philip Morgan, PhD, Rebecca Tippett, PhD, Jennifer C. Hodgkinson, MA, Krista Perreira, PhD

Abstract: Objectives: Abortion incidence has declined nationally during the last decade. In recent years, many states, including North Carolina, have passed legislation related to the provision of abortion services. Despite the changing political environment, there is no...

(pp 714-721)