April 2017, Volume 110 - Issue 4

Self-Report Study of Predictors of Physician Wellness, Burnout, and Quality of Patient Care

Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt, PhD, ABPP, Heather Kirkpatrick, PhD, ABPP, Kanako Taku, PhD, Ronald Hunt, MD

Abstract: Objective: The goal of this self-report study was to examine the relation of work variables, self-rated health and mental health status, and perceived social support to physician wellness, physician burnout, and quality of patient care. Methods: We administered a...

(pp 244-248)

Association Between Energy Prices and US Hospital Patient Outcomes

Lawrence H. Brown, PhD, Taha Chaiechi, PhD, Petra G. Buettner, PhD, Deon V. Canyon, PhD

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate associations between changing energy prices and US hospital patient outcomes. Methods: Generalized estimating equations were used to analyze relationships between changes in energy prices and subsequent changes in hospital patient outcomes measures...

(pp 257-264)

Exploration of the Association Between Physical Health and Suicidal Behavior in Psychiatric Outpatients in Rural America

Jessica M. Carbajal, MD, Nolan C. Kordsmeier, MS, Ricardo Cáceda, MD, PhD

Abstract: Objective: Evidence reveals a link between poor physical health and suicide. The physical health of rural, adult psychiatric outpatients with a history of suicide was examined. Methods: The medical records of 192 patients seen at a tertiary-level academic medical center...

(pp 235-238)