March 2019, Volume 112 - Issue 3

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Cesarean Delivery Among Alabama Providers

Dana Watson, MS, Alan Tita, MD, PhD, Lisa Dimperio, BS, Tera Howard, MD, Lorie Harper, MD

Abstract: Objectives: A multicenter, randomized controlled trial has demonstrated the benefit of adding azithromycin to routine preoperative antibiotics in unscheduled cesarean deliveries (CDs) to prevent surgical site infections. We sought to describe and identify barriers to the...

(pp 170-173)

A 5-Step Framework for the Assessment and Remediation of a Struggling Medical Learner in the Clinical Environment

Sarah B. Merriam, MD, MS, Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MPH, Carla L. Spagnoletti, MD, MS

Abstract: Struggling medical learners are not uncommon, comprising between 7% and 15% of trainees in >90% of all US internal medicine training programs across a spectrum of size, geographic location, and academic affiliation.1,2 Interactions with such learners present a unique set...

(pp 135-136)

Lessons Learned from Building a Pediatric-to-Adult Sickle Cell Transition Program

Wally R. Smith, MD, India Y. Sisler, MD, Shirley Johnson, BA, Thokozeni J. Lipato, MD, Jennifer S. Newlin, PA, Zakiya S. Owens, PA, Alma M. Morgan, MEd, Marsha J. Treadwell, PhD, Kathryn Polak, MS

Abstract: Objective: More effective transitions and transfers of young people with sickle cell disease (SCD) into the adult healthcare setting is a focus of both primary care and specialty care medical organizations. Effective transition and transfer requires six core elements:...

(pp 190-197)

Commentary on “Lessons Learned from Building a Pediatric-to-Adult Sickle Cell Transition Program”

Sara Mixter, MD, MPH, Rosalyn W. Stewart, MD, MS, MBA

Abstract: In their article “Lessons Learned from Building a Pediatric-to-Adult Sickle Cell Transition Program,” which appears in this issue of the Southern Medical Journal, Smith and colleagues highlight the challenges of the healthcare transition for this already high-risk...

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Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Rather than Colonoscopy Is Adequate for the Diagnosis of Ipilimumab-Associated Colitis

J. Daniel Herlihy, MD, Stephen Beasley, MD, Andrew Simmelink, MD, Vinaya Maddukuri, MD, Asim Amin, MD, Michal Kamionek, MD, Carl Jacobs, MD, Krista Bossi, MS, Martin Scobey, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Treatment with ipilimumab, a cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 approved for metastatic melanoma can result in clinically significant immune-mediated drug injury in the form of colitis. Timely diagnosis and response are essential for optimal management. The aims...

(pp 154-158)

Advanced Prescription of Emergency Contraceptive Pills Among Adolescents and Young Adults

Somsook Santibenchakul, MD, MPH, Mary Tschann, PhD, MPH, Alyssa Dee P. Carlson, MPH, Eric L. Hurwitz, PhD, DC, Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH, MPP

Abstract: Objective: To examine healthcare providers’ adherence to professional recommendations for advanced prescription of emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs). Methods: We conducted a retrospective chart review of 432 visits by 282 unique nonpregnant women 14 to 25 years of age...

(pp 180-184)

Improving Documentation of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS) Using a Standardized Electronic Template at Two University-Affiliated Institutions

Padraic Chisholm, MD, Allison Sellner, , Charles C. Kilpatrick, MD, MEd, Laurie S. Swaim, MD, Francisco J. Orejuela, MD, MS

Abstract: Objectives: Adequate repair is vital to reduce the long-term sequelae of obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS). Sufficient documentation is necessary to reflect the quality of care provided, to guide future management, and to reduce medicolegal liability. With the...

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Contraceptive Methods and the Impact of Menstruation on Daily Functioning in Women with Sickle Cell Disease

Melissa E. Day, BS, Sarah-Jo Stimpson, MD, Mark Rodeghier, PhD, Djamila Ghafuri, MBBS, Michael Callaghan, MD, Ahmar Urooj Zaidi, MD, Bryan Hannan, MS, Adetola Kassim, MD, MS, Andra H. James, MD, MPH, Michael R. DeBaun, MD, MPH, Deva Sharma, MD, MS

Abstract: Objectives: Women with sickle cell disease (SCD) are living longer as a result of advances in the care of their underlying disease. With the population growing of women living with SCD, reproductive health issues in this population have become an emphasized area of medical...

(pp 174-179)

Impact of Holidays on Pediatric Trauma Admissions to a Community Hospital in South Florida

Stephanie Eyerly-Webb, PhD, Rachele Solomon, MPH, LeAnne Young, MSN, RN, Keren Bard, , Carrie Laituri, MD, Andrew Rosenthal, MD, Julie Long, MD

Abstract: Objectives: The data from temperate regions indicate increases in pediatric traumatic injuries during the spring and summer months with anticipated admission spikes on warm weather holidays; hospitals in southern subtropical regions should not anticipate the same trends....

(pp 164-169)

Trauma Providers’ Perceptions of Frailty Assessment: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs

Thomas H. Shoultz, MD, Megan Moore, PhD, MSW, May J. Reed, MD, Stephen J. Kaplan, MD, MPH, Itay Bentov, MD, PhD, Catherine Hough, MD, Lisa A. Taitsman, MD, MPH, Steven H. Mitchell, MD, Grace E. So, BA, Saman Arbabi, MD, MPH, Herb Phelan, MD, Tam Pham, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Quality improvement in geriatric trauma depends on timely identification of frailty, yet little is known about providers’ knowledge and beliefs about frailty assessment. This study sought to understand trauma providers’ understanding, beliefs, and practices...

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On “Improving Underrepresented Minority in Medicine Representation in Medical School”

Lagasthija Vijayaratnam, , Jai Mathur

Abstract: To the Editor: We sincerely thank Campbell et al for their article exploring the importance of and the need to improve the representation of underrepresented minorities in medical school.1 This is a societally shifting paradigm and a task-shifting agenda that must be...

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Awareness of Birth Cohort Hepatitis C Testing Recommendation Among Baby Boomers: An Exploratory Survey Study

Vabhave Pal, MD, Yasir Ahmed, MD, Shikha Singh, MD, Kalpana Bhairavarasu, MD, Lavi Oud, MD

Abstract: Objectives: To examine population awareness of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) hepatitis C virus (HCV) testing recommendation for the 1945 to 1965 birth cohort and explore the factors associated with awareness of the testing recommendation, its...

(pp 147-153)

Development of a Vertically Integrated Trainee Program: Linking Future and Young Physicians

Jaron L. Pettis, BS, Daelan T. Johnson, , Joshua T. Bosak, BS, Ian M. Brastauskas, MD, Erika A. Jansen, BS, Ryan McNutt, , Rahul S. Raghavan, , Sammy L. Huynh, BS, Alvin Lee Day, MD, Nancy Walborn, MEd, Donald J. DiPette, MD

Abstract: Organizations representing a wide spectrum of health and healthcare settings, such as healthcare disciplines, clinical and scientific professional organizations within disciplines, hospitals, and academic medical centers, are facing many challenges and concerns. Organized...

(pp 137-141)

CME Article: Characteristics of Syncope Admissions Among Hospitals of Varying Teaching Intensity

Michael I. Ellenbogen, MD, Daniel J. Brotman, MD, Jungwha Lee, PhD, MPH, Kimberly Koloms, MS, Kevin J. O’Leary, MD, MS

Abstract: Objectives: Previous work suggests that hospitals’ teaching status is correlated with readmission rates, cost of care, and mortality. The degree to which teaching status is associated with the management of syncope has not been studied extensively. We sought to...

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